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What is a transferable skills analysis?

Apex Rehab Management with its team of Vocational Experts can provide a Transferable Skills Analysis to determine earning capacity after injury, disability, or to assess economic loss caused by other factors. We provide a detailed Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) report to determine whether an individual has earning capacity after an injury or disability.

What is a Transferable Skills Analysis?

  • Transferable skills are skills acquired from past training, education, and experience that can be used in various occupations.
  • The Transferable Skills Analysis is a rigorous methodology that utilizes Standard Classification of Occupations (SCO). The SCO assigns quantifiable measures which Vocational Experts refer to as Worker Trait Factors.
  • We utilize software such as the McCroskey program to scientifically match past skills with the occupations that are classified in the U.S Department of Labor, Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT).
  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC) are the most qualified professionals to perform TSA’s.  An experienced Vocational Expert is often indispensable in persuading a jury or other adjudicator why the TSA is the best predictor of employability or lack of employability.
  • To determine if an individual has employability using transferable skills, the post-injury profile must be determined. We are very experienced in determining post-injury functional capacity for physical, mental, and cognitive capabilities.
  • The TSA is the most widely utilized tool used by Vocational Experts in assessing loss of earnings for the U.S. Federal Government, The Insurance Industry, and Personal Injury attorneys.

We at Apex Rehab Management have wide experience in Vocational Assessment and experience testifying.  Contact us if we can help.