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Apex Rehabilitation Management

Vocational expert testimony with 30 plus years of experience. Serving the New York Metropolitan area

about us

Apex Rehabilitation Management is an association of certified vocational rehabilitation counselors and case managers dedicated to providing state-of-the-art, timely, cost effective, and a common sense approach in the field of disability management, in both English and Spanish. We have combined experience of over 30 years of servicing the needs of people with disabilities. We are well connected to public and private services in the New York Metropolitan Area and across the country. We can tailor our services to meet your needs.


Comprehensive rehabilitation assessment involving file review and interview of client to determine the most realistic and efficient rehabilitation plan. We have a long history of telephonic interviewing with excellent results allowing our services to be available nationwide. When our clients are local (50 mile radius from New York City) we conduct face to face interviews with them.

Combines structured job search activities performed by the Rehabilitation Consultant and client, with the goal of a rapid return to work. The client is provided with leads from our network or resources, rehabilitation consultant, and job developer. Job seeking skills training is a key component of our job placement program, and includes resume, cover letter preparation, and interviewing. An emphasis is placed on using principles of marketing and sales to get appointment with decision makers. (Please ask about our 10 hour package).

The process whereby standardized tests are utilized to outline alternative job options. We have a Certified Vocational Evaluator (CVE) on staff. We utilize a variety of interest inventory, aptitude and work sample tools.

Facilitates the return to work of an employee to his/her previous employer and makes arrangements for a restructured job, if indicated. This service also includes the development and coordination of an individual rehabilitation plan when it is deemed that placement into alternate employment is appropriate.

Is the determination of the appropriate low and high tech solutions for the purpose of accommodating ones work needs. We coordinate ergonomic work station design. Since a lot of accommodations require computer skills we have contracted consultants specifically for computer related questions. Managing cost and getting technical support is an essential component of our assistive technology services.

We work closely with state vocational rehab (VR) agencies which save our customers thousands of dollars. Our experience with state rehab allows the client to cut through red tape and get faster better service.

A telephonic and internet survey of specific occupations in a particular labor market. Surveys are typically conducted to determine availability, salary, exertional and non-exertional demands, work schedule including shifts (part-time and/or full-time), and flexibility in hours.

Is the process of determining the aptitude for alternate occupations, utilizing skills acquired by a client through past training, education, and experience. This type of analysis is frequently used by Vocational Counselors worldwide to help their clients transition from one occupation or career to another more smoothly. In disability management we utilize the residual functional abilities supplied by medical professionals when determining transferability of skills.

expert testimony

We provide vocational expert testimony for both plaintiffs and defendants. Our experts are very experienced in handling jury trials. Vocational assessment interviews are available and can be conducted in person in the New York City metropolitan and central Florida.

Vocational assessment interviews can be conducted by phone or video anywhere in the United States.

Our reports always addresses:
  1. Functional capacity assessment
  2. Analysis and classification of training, education, and experience
  3. Transferable skills analysis
  4. Assessment for vocational rehabilitation intervention
  5. Labor market analysis and options

We can also complete Vocational earnings capacity reports based on a file review when a 1-to-1 evaluation is not possible.


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With our combined 30 plus years of experience, we’ll guarantee a successful partnership in your time of need.

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